A Rainy Day (Hetalia [Spamano])

A Rainy Day (Hetalia [Spamano])

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Cindy By LUNAticX Completed

After a difficult day at the office, Romano goes to the bar and manages to get himself drunk. While in his drunken stupor, the Italian, for some reason, finds his way to Spain's house. Not to mention, he "loses" his car, it's pouring rain, and he has no choice but to stay at the Spaniard's place until his symptoms let up.

Then, things take a turn for the worst as Romano develops a fever. Spain feels compelled to take care of him, but he's starting to think that maybe this Italian was more than he bargained for. Spamano and general fluff.

A fanfic collab between my sister and me. 

Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.

Cover credit goes to: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=16102892


Hell has frozen over *siren noises* I REPEAT HELL HAS FROZEN OVER! *people screaming and running* GET OUT OF HERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!
The bartender is prob either like "wow this guys super drunk" or "holy fück"
rogueelliee rogueelliee Jun 21
"It was only a few dozen I'm fiiine~" 
                              Is what Lovino said before he was kicked out do the bar.
                              THE ROOF IS NOT THEIR SON BUT THEY'RE HERE TL RAISE IT!
MoMeowNya MoMeowNya Apr 27
You haven't met a Russian who drinks have you.
                              *84 shots of Vodka later*
He's broken, you broke him.... *starts crying* I want sassy Romano back