Freelander - Celestial Children Trilogy Book 1 (Rough Draft & Edited Draft)

Freelander - Celestial Children Trilogy Book 1 (Rough Draft & Edited Draft)

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Queen of the Gummy Bears By Prisim Updated a day ago

Abby Freelander was insane. After all, it's not normal for animals to talk. However, that's exactly what happens when a stray dog warns her to flee a harmless-looking fog. From animal telepathy to meeting the eccentric and gummy-bear obsessed Josh Ewah, Abby starts to realize there's more to her life than she thought. 

Hunted by a shape shifting mad-man named Khail and guided by the mysteries surrounding the Ewah family, Abby is drawn into a world beyond her wildest imagination. She must come to grips with her new reality before it's too late. 

Being insane would have been a lot less complicated.

waffleplump waffleplump Dec 30, 2015
@vanillian !!!! THIS IS WHAT IM TELLING YOU check her tl nalang if you're looking for the other halves. You'll surely love her stories!!!
Prisim Prisim Jan 10, 2013
@ch4rmed Who says I'm sneakily putting them together ;)
                              I cannot tell you how happy I am you made it to the end before I took this off! Seriously happy!
Prisim Prisim Oct 18, 2012
@TLBerdine oh that's easy. "look! Something different and strange! Kill it." :-)
PKBarnes PKBarnes Oct 18, 2012
God...imagine how America would act if an army of magic users just appeared out of nowhere....
Prisim Prisim Aug 13, 2012
@KimiCampher Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I have already started uploading the sequel if that helps. I don't know that it's good enough to be a hit movie or show, but that would be awesome.
Prisim Prisim Jul 29, 2012
@Darkace I don't blame you! You've read this whole thing between yesterday and today! I'm freaking impressed!