Second Chances

Second Chances

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Chelsea Amie'x By Loves2Dream Updated Mar 23, 2012

To be honest, the story is crap in the first couple of chapters because i wrote them when i first started wrting storyies, but the chapters more on are better...Ever feel like you dont fit in? No matter where you are or go? The feeling of people stop and stare as you walk through the halls. You walk down the street and when you go shopping. As living in a quiet town, everyone knows who you are, what you are, and what happend to make you like this. 

Nicole is a girl that falls in love way to quickly. For the cuddles and attention, the way of feeling loved and wanted by someone. Some people imange that as a good thing right? Not for Nicole. Falling in and out of love as she goes through different stages in life. Learning from mistakes. And yet, Learning to deal with school life.

Dealing With Abuse, Depression, Devorse and Death. 

Just some of the everyday things Nicole has to go through.

With just a pen and paper for memories, for a friend, for someone to talk to when shes all alone, when she has no one to talk to and tell how she feels, in fear that if she does, that will be it for her. She will bring utter shame across the family even more. But with Freya by her side, Nicole thinks she can get through anything. Even when she gets to be known as a lier, a cheater, a life ruiner.

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