Melody of Time -Naruto-

Melody of Time -Naruto-

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Tarzuo-Sensei By KellyTarzuoty Completed

My name is Harmony Kakureta Merodi and to say it simply; my life is screwed up. Just a couple of days ago I was on my way to fight in the war with my teammates/friends, but today, I'm some how a genin again, with a different squad, but that's not the kicker. My best friend, who just turns out to be the only person left on our squad that's alive, is now 13 years older than me! 

Fate must either really hate me or really love messing with my mind because along with that little fact and some other shit that happens later one I'm surprised I haven't gone insane yet! Well, isn't my life just lovely... Or filled with lovely madness.

Completed, but still editing

-Tarzuo-sensei ^.^

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Harmiona Harmiona Apr 12, 2015
Oh. My. God. That was great. I'm rereading this story since I kinda stopped halfway, so yeah.
Furan666 Furan666 Aug 07, 2014
Wow you use big words such as : Diligent and Sardonic. I could learn something from you. (o^^o)
UnforgivaNgel UnforgivaNgel Apr 16, 2014
That was good. I like the beginning. When I read Obito's name first I'm really suprised. :)
Sook_Munhae Sook_Munhae Apr 03, 2014
when u say flute i heard my sister play flute hehehhe gd thing she let me barrow her loptop
phocpathiclycute phocpathiclycute Nov 19, 2013
KellyTarzuoty KellyTarzuoty Sep 15, 2012
@KiyomiNamikaze thank you so much! ^.^ I am glad that you like it so  much!