Never Grow Up {Watty Awards 2012: Teen Fiction}

Never Grow Up {Watty Awards 2012: Teen Fiction}

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toocrazyforyou By toocrazyforyou Completed

Elisa Taylor is a high school teacher who is only nineteen and teaching to get her credits. Watching students grow up turned out to be one of her favourite things to do in the limited time she was a teacher, from that gangly, awkward phase into the smooth ladies' man, or from the insecure nerdy girl with glasses into an outspoken, confident and well-liked girl. All the transformations amazed her. Of course, whenever anyone needed help, she'd offer them her hand.

All was fine and dandy until she met Blake Manson.

He was basketball captain from his old school and then got sent into a youth rehabilitation centre for getting into a messy, bloody fight with the rival school. Due to his good behavior, he got permission to go to school in the morning and return to the centre in the afternoon. But for that to happen he'd have to transfer schools, to avoid another fight.

He was posted to the school Elisa was teaching at, and became her student. He was feared by his fellow classmates for his notorious past. Still, she decided he was worth saving.

Throw in some cigarettes, drugs, gangs, fights and - not forgetting - a rocky romance. After all, this was THE Blake Manson.

  • bad
  • blood
  • boy
  • change
  • fight
  • gangster
  • good
  • grow
  • mafia
  • new
  • student
  • teacher
  • transfer
leannekk leannekk May 23, 2016
Excitement-little mistake with a dubble comma, it is OK , you probably typed fast...😃
mashedpotatoes02 mashedpotatoes02 Oct 28, 2015
The way you started the book is great and the book so far is interesting and amazing but I have a question how old is Blake (the character) ?
MirandaHaney MirandaHaney Jun 20, 2015
I already know I'm gonna love this book . Excited to read it !!
netflixhangoverkrk netflixhangoverkrk Apr 26, 2015
What does you mean by saying there's a little romance at the end? If it's not a teacher-student relationship then it must be with someone else?
waitwhatjusthappen waitwhatjusthappen Mar 20, 2015
what's the age of Blake I m confused r they both the same age????
little_pop1 little_pop1 Mar 18, 2015
Just finished reading the author's note,can't wait for the book