Lust or Love...??  (COMPLETED)

Lust or Love...?? (COMPLETED)

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mrsbaker02 By mrsbaker02 Updated May 09, 2010

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noaofori noaofori Jul 30, 2017 offence but I'm confused. Does it mean that most girls and boys lose their virginity by age 19??😕
LuvnBiebs LuvnBiebs Nov 28, 2016
Wentworth is HOT...too bad no woman will ever know what's it's like being with him. Couldn't believe he came out as gay. I never wouldn't have guessed it. Still fun to look at tho
rowlandsmith rowlandsmith Jul 09, 2015
wow madison you kuat meet devin and your giving him your cell number don't even no anything about that man.he could be a killer, rapest or anything girl. you need to put your thinking cap on.
rowlandsmith rowlandsmith Jul 09, 2015
I know that feeling so well. she needs to slow down with this guy.he could also be mr.wrong as well.youjust hold out til your mr. right shows this story so far.
Simply2Wavey Simply2Wavey Oct 28, 2010
This is good my names aaliyah btw but wig 2 a's in the begining
mrsbaker02 mrsbaker02 Mar 22, 2010
Pleeeeeease vote!!  My first story EVER, and I have SO much more to add.  Please help me keep it going!!!!