The Find an Heir

 "I need an heir to my throne, Measly!" The King sat in a golden chair, wafting his sliver chalice, licking his fingers from his latest meal. He touched his enormous belly and rubbed his goatee.

"I know, Sir, but we've been everywhere. This world is flat. We can't afford to travel again considering we don't know the boundaries. It might be our last, King," Measly reminded.

"There has to be somewhere we haven't been yet."

Measly walked aside, pulled out a large map, and set it on the table. It was riddled with white and yellow strings. "According to the map, Sir, we've been everywhere...orphanages throughout the world and you still have yet to find a suitable candidate for your throne when you pass."

"Hmmm?" The King leaned forward with his palms on the table. "What's that area there?" He pointed to a spot on the map where it's surrounding was completely black, like a void.

"We decided early that we weren't going to go there, remember? It's too perilous, and for a...

  • fiction
  • greed
  • heir
  • historical
  • king
imnotabarbiegirl imnotabarbiegirl Feb 27, 2014
I love this. Its really good. I love the ending. Your really talented!
Aiowynn Aiowynn Dec 17, 2013
Love it. I wanted to read this shorter story before I indulged in Mana, glad I did. Wonderful work and I enjoyed reading it!