The Lustful Husband

The Lustful Husband

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Ayeesha Abiola By SerenityLoveRomance2 Updated Oct 08, 2014


"You will become my wife.."  He smirked, stroking the apples of her cheeks.                         

"Yes.. Of course .. and you will help my family," she replied , unable to meet his piercing dark blue eyes..        

Amelia Rose comes from an honest family,she has been brought up in the most gracious way. When hardships seem to befall her family and the only way out is marriage to Jackson Cambridge, she is quick to agree to anything .. If only to help her family. Will she have to forgo love for the Happiness of her family?

Follow them on their journey....

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sapphire98emerald sapphire98emerald May 25, 2016
Continue from that sentence......    
                              We ....we ... I'm ....but ...we ..have ...
rowlandsmith rowlandsmith Jul 07, 2015
oh my goodness, amelia I not ready to get married much less being promise to someone for married to save their home and other belongings. jackson is forcing her to marry him cause he's been watching her for so long.
Jasmeet_xo Jasmeet_xo Aug 15, 2014
Ooohh thats why they talk like that, they're british. Im so dumb i should have guessed
AloeVeraKill AloeVeraKill May 18, 2014
Why the interest in her? I mean, it seems as if he's already in love with her.... But she's never met him until now (I think).
                              though u could have written 'lend me ur virgin lips, Amelia' :P
                              its just a suggestion though
thefaultinourne thefaultinourne Feb 23, 2014
Wow!!! That's something and is that her husband friend making advancing at his wife?