The Paternity Guard [M-PREG]

The Paternity Guard [M-PREG]

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Spread_Da_Love BL Translation Team By spreaddalove_LJ Updated Jul 31

Title: The Paternity Guard
Secondary Name: The Guard and His Master
Author: Gui Yu
WARNING: M-PREG! {Leave if you don't like this genre, I don't tolerate hate comments =.=}
Genre: Wuxia, M-Preg, Master!seme x Guard!uke, extremely fluffy, 
Couple: Xing Bei Ming x Ying Shi Qi
Length: 60 Chapters + 9 Epilogues

A Fu Feng female disciple has her heart broken by a man so she invents a child conceiving medicine, with a hundred percent success in conceiving a child---

An insignificant female character fondles the bottle in her hands as smugly announces it to the world. 

Everyone starts to gossip about it: "Really? Has it even been tested before?" 

The insignificant female character does not say anything, her face suddenly turns gloomy as she points at the corner of the room, everyone looks in that direction. 

Shi Qi looks up in confusion: "But I'm a man?" Everyone turns silent...

In short, this is a happy sweet story about a master taking his pregnant personal bodyguard with him on an adventure, so that he can conveniently take care of the unborn baby, also to spend some sweet time with his personal guard...