One Night Stand With My Mate

One Night Stand With My Mate

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Turtle Cat By TurtleCat5 Completed

Lewis Grant has been rejected by his mate. His other half. He is forced out of the pack, and has to survive alone in the desolate forests surrounding the pack. Without his wolf, his life hangs in the balance and he struggles to live.

Silas Lupine has an amazing life. With his mate out of the picture, he chooses his own Luna and denies fate. He thinks he's better off without a male mate, and doesn't care if his wolf ingores him.

But then, it comes back to bite him. The walls he built crumbled down, and now he needs to find Lewis, or risk death.

  • alpha
  • bxb
  • omega
  • reject
  • romance
  • werewolf
  • yaoi
If you do have a brain which you don’t. You’ll know rejecting your mate is more embarrassing, but if the others agree then their the same as you. Without a brain.
keelyj21 keelyj21 Jan 13
Ewww he couldn't atleast get a better slag? That's seriously a huge way to say you don't want someone... Insult received... I hope he never takes himback
keelyj21 keelyj21 Jan 13
And you won't be laughed at by being all powerful and you're screwing a whore?
Riparian_ Riparian_ Dec 31, 2017
Oh hunny, come here. Let me give you a hug. 
                              But first-
Scum and parasite of the earth!!! Who doesn't get a woman but a whore.
                              and even despising his partner, Who's the fool?
123abdi 123abdi Feb 23
why sleep with him....thats so nasty... he just did a prostitute.... hmm but tbh the prostitute is probably cleaner than Silas