Not-So Fake Love  a.k.a Hear Me Out

Not-So Fake Love a.k.a Hear Me Out

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Knipss By Knipss Updated Mar 09, 2012

Now that she's graduated high school and ready to start living her life, Machica can't wait to move to the big city, being Phoenix Arizona that is. 

Machica doesn't believe in destined "Mates" so she's not worried about meeting hers. She's a independent young woman, and she doesn't mind having her fair share of flirting around, not that shes looking for a serious relationship either. 
Her father's the Beta of the Western Pack and has to meet with the Alpha often, being his second in command and all, that she expects. What Machica doesn't expect is for the Alpha's son to suddenly come on to her, claiming she's her mate. But the only problem is that she doesn't feel anything for him, and her wolf doesn't care much for men either, but doesn't mind that he's one of the strongest in the pack. 

Will Machica believe Ian and feel something for him? Or will he be like all the others claiming to be her mate and rake her heart, again?

iwillian3 iwillian3 Jul 23, 2015
Wow! V. Captivatingly the best werewolf story I've ever read!