Undertaken- book 2

Undertaken- book 2

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Kaylee Jane Halloway. Seventeen years old, best long distance track and jujitsu champion the county had seen, spent a full year off of school when her sister suddenly dies in a car accident on the way home from a late night at school. Taking after her sister with incredible brains, hacking was no issue.

Until the Octagon found out...
A private, unknown government organization that recruits teens and turns them into some of the craziest killers on earth to do some dangerous work.

And at some point...     Kaylee learns the truth.
Everyone does.

"Oh my God no..." Roy muttered as he observed the ground several stories below. Few people walked the streets since it was only four in the morning, but it was still something you could call a crowd. He walked swiftly back into the hotel room. "He's running."

"He's what?!" Vanessa cried. Roy put his hands on his temples and turned around the room, trying to think before noticing Zack's laptop on one of the three plush twin beds. "Why the hell would Zack run away?!"

"To get Mel." Roy breathed, suddenly feeling like he couldn't get enough air.

"I'm sorry, what?" Kaylee asked in confusion.