Blood Toy

Blood Toy

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s'ly By slianyong Updated Mar 16, 2014

WARNING: MATURE CONTENT - Not appropriate for those under 24.  There are some very dark themes, including but not limited to:  incest, humiliation, sadism.  So, READER BEWARE.  DO NOT SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU!  You should STOP READING NOW if you offended easily. 

Also, do not do anything in this book at home.  This story is fantasy with most characters that do not have the same morals and values of the average civilized human.  Because, they ARE NOT human.  

They had taken Savvi away because she had special blood.  They needed it to survive.  They needed her.  She had different ideas.  So did her father.  And what was up with her dad?

--And now, I realized the body behind me was naked as well when I felt a large 'pole' pushing between my legs.

I started to struggle and scream but I found my throat was too parched and I felt much weaker than I should. The pulling sensation from my neck was gone and I heard the voice of the rugged blonde behind me.

"Calm down. I was only taking a sip. But, with all this moving about, I see that you offer more than just blood. Your body feels sinful against mine."

I froze. Oh, shit.

  • betrayal
  • blood
  • dominance
  • fae
  • kidnapping
  • menage
  • sadism
  • smut
  • vampire
  • werewolves
rockhopper12 rockhopper12 Apr 23, 2016
I've tried to re add the book too and the private chapters aren't showing up. Please help
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Well I've deleted and re installed this book about 3 times I still can't see the private chapters.  :(  I'm a little bummed about that. Please HELP! I do so love this story and would like to read all chapters.
littlewolfgirl666 littlewolfgirl666 Jan 02, 2014
I am trying to read Chapter 10 but it won't come up for me help plz x
slianyong slianyong Dec 28, 2013
@-sugar  oh, BTW what does smh mean?  Other than proof that I am old? :-P
alexthegoldfish alexthegoldfish Dec 28, 2013
Arg! I had a nice comment all typed out but I lost it! It involved my amusement over Leopold's name. Haha. Pole. I hear what I want to hear ;)
                              Anyways, hi loving soam! Goldfishsticks here. Love the story :)
somethingsaid somethingsaid Dec 28, 2013
Im still laughing at the fact that you think being under 24 is someone that shouldn't be reading this. I mean really its people under 24 doing way more than chapter 8,9,and 10 combined, and they probably watch it too. Smh trust me.