Seven Minutes

Seven Minutes

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Griese Lightning By Kimmy_Grace Completed

*Cover by the awesome @interspecific_! Thanks so much.*

*trigger warning: suicide*

"I was always told that death was quick. Having experienced it for myself, I can now say that was a lie.

Death is a slow, agonizing trip your soul makes from one plane of existence to another. It is a journey that requires cutting all ties with those who love you, coming to terms with the fact that all the goals you wanted to accomplish will never be reached, and accepting the brutality of life. 

The sad part is I brought it on myself."

Sara Wilder's life comes to a crashing halt when she decides it's no longer worth living. Life sucks, and nothing anyone lies to her about will make it better. That is, until she meets Maria during the seven minutes your brain is still active after death.

Maria guards the In-Between, a place where souls linger after life before moving on to death. In her realm, time slows, life is suspended, and during those seven minutes, you get to see just what your life has amounted to. The legacy you left behind is etched into the monitors on the walls, where Maria shows Sara Wilder her own funeral.

Maybe taking her life wasn't such a good idea after all.

"They say your brain is still active for seven minutes after you die. That was something they told the truth about.

This is the story of my seven minutes."