She Who Left [COMPLETED]

She Who Left [COMPLETED]

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Camila Cabello was the girl who blended in. The quiet nerdy girl cooped up in the library hunched over a book. Straight A grades and a plethora of choices for university. Yet she was empty. All because of a school girl crush.

She had been friends with Normani since they were little, they grew up literally next door to each other. They were each others Winter Dance dates, study dates and best friends. Once they hit high school the possibility of popularity overtook Normani. She traded her late night movie marathons for parties. Study dates for cheer practise. And lunches for others.

Camila adored Normani despite her turning her back on her. She wrote about her - a lot - in her journal. But who could've guessed what would've happened once that journal ended up in the wrong hands. When the girl who had taunted Camila mercilessly now had the power to crush her. 

Nobody knew who she was until she left. Nobody cared until she was dead. Now they will have to live with their guilt. They were the ones who killed her. All their secrets were out in the open. 

She was a sweetheart, so full of life but she is a mystery. She who left...