The Possessive and Protectful Mate, Never Thought To Be

The Possessive and Protectful Mate, Never Thought To Be

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Katie By Rose_Hawthorn Updated Feb 08, 2014

"Oh? That little pack? You smell of power, but yet you ran?" One man looked confused. "My father-" I was stopped when a man stormed in and slammed me against the desk and held me tightly. I felt the tingles that were all over my skin where he had touched mine. A small moan escaped my lips as a deep growl came from him. "Mine." The voice sent shivers down my body.

"Alpha Hunter?!" One of the guys from earlier gawked. I growled and wanted to have this Alpha Hu- ALPHA!?!? I pushed him back as hard as I could and he was pushed back into the other guys, he didn't like that since he was growling. "Do not touch me! I am running from an attempt of a forced Mating. I only want my mate; he is my one and only savior!" I growled and my wolf just whined. 

"Savior huh?" one guy chuckled while the one I pushed back was growling and wrapped me in his arms. "Forced Matting?! Who I will kill them my little mate!" He growled and it shook me to the core. "Mate?" I asked and to answer it Spirit purred. "...

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gelatina_de_fresa gelatina_de_fresa Mar 19, 2015
When I read this part I instantly fell in love with you you are my new friend cuz u like o love K-Pop too!
StephanieRivera200 StephanieRivera200 Oct 21, 2014
so far the way this book has started is freaking weird and confusing
cosmicyouth cosmicyouth May 20, 2014
Rogue* because rouge is red in French and unless you're French and you mean red then you're wrong x
GillianGriffin GillianGriffin Dec 23, 2013
Sounds very interesting well written even if it is one page. I cant wait for more :)