Won't Lose You Again

Won't Lose You Again

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Monica By xosoccerstar12x Updated Jun 04, 2011

Zoey Sullivan and Liam Wilson used to be best friends, in fact, they used to be in love; or at least Zoey was with Liam. Zoey and Liam were best friends from the time they were in diapers to all through out high school. When senior year came around, they started dating. It was the best year of Zoey's life, it was her first real relationship. Zoey loved Liam with everything she had until one day, Liam left her. About a week before summer vacation was over, he left town, without as much as a goodbye. She tried to call and text him many times but after awhile she just gave up. Zoey was left heartbroken at eighteen years old and now she hates Liam with every fiber of her being. 

While away at college in Florida, Zoey meets Evan. He's a year older than her, sweet, adorable, charming, good-looking, and everything she ever wanted in a guy; he's perfect. Soon enough, Zoey lets down the wall she built around herself and allows herself to love again; to love Evan. Once Zoey and Evan finish college, Evan proposes to her and she accepts. They then decide to go back to Zoey's hometown in Virginia to share her exciting news with her family.

The only problem? Liam is still her parent's next door neighbor because he's still trying to find a place of his own. Liam finds out that Zoey's coming back but he has no idea she's engaged; and he's determined to win her heart over, again.

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surfing59 surfing59 May 21, 2013
woah the description for youre story told the whole story but i still wanna read it cause it sounds good :D I want her to go with Liam but then i would feel sorry for Evan poorr him ;(
LopeyZed LopeyZed Feb 01, 2011
when i saw you uploaded i was like : yippeeeyayayayayayayay
                              good chapter :D
                              Upload soon because me want more hehehehe :D
xosoccerstar12x xosoccerstar12x Jan 30, 2011
@LopeyZed  Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it! I'm working on a new chapter now so probably by tonight or tomorrow a new one should be up! (:
                              @oxdancexo  Thank you! I'm glad you like it (: