The Really Long Jump

The Really Long Jump

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Alex Midwinter By Reffster Completed

Athletes from both Earth and Proxima B have come together to compete in friendly rivalry at the Proximalympics.  But the group known as Independent Citizens Rallying Against Proxima-B have other ideas.

This is the winning entry in the official WattPad SciFi profile's Proximalympics Challenge: -

-and soon to be performed as a short play at the Otherworld Theatre's Paragon Festival, in Chicago this November: -

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TechieInAK TechieInAK May 05, 2017
Wow, excellent take on the challenge. The commentary and dialogue was excellent and I thought mirrored real commentary pretty well. Funny too! Nicely done!
jettmanas jettmanas Apr 15, 2017
Wow, what a creative story.  I used to do long jump, so this was a especially fun.  To tell the story entirely through sports commentary was impressive.  Lalwal brought an interesting angle to it!
                              Good use of the anti-grav in the story, and a nice ending.  Well done.
- - May 19, 2017
Can I just say how good this book was!! It made me laugh so hard😂 I think it just made my day
Giddles Giddles Jun 16, 2017
I have the darndest feeling your writing has a little Hitchhiker's Guide influence. 
                              Not that your profile pic means anything. ;)
RissaWolf RissaWolf May 09, 2017
This was great! Congrats on winning the challenge. You deserve it for the outstanding creativity going on here.
JazzaRazzaMaya JazzaRazzaMaya Apr 15, 2017
I loved it! The Really Long Jump was super funny (and so is its title). I quite liked the way you told the whole story with only dialogue and no indication of who was talking outside of the dialogue. I didn't get lost once and I was laughing the whole way through.
                              Job well done :)