BadBoy and Me?

BadBoy and Me?

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Annika By UnderkoverUnikorn Completed

Allison Monroe the quiet yet confident girl she dosen't get pushed around but if she does shell do something.She usually talks to her best friend Olivia but they have their own little cliche of artistic friends.  

Zachary Grey  the Bad Boy people assume things about him and make rumors up to make him seem cooler or just say hes done because they assume looks mean things they don't but hes just a hot loner with a complicated past.  
A accidental encounter in the hallway sets them on a path together were they either fight for what they want or just leave it to rot in the past.

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  • baby
  • complications
  • derek
  • love
  • pain
  • zach
leesidwell leesidwell Apr 22, 2017
So far I like the book and the bad boy doesn't seem so bad if he needs his "gang" to stick up for him and the girl is a total badass so I'm not worried
Let me finish the title name: bad boy and me? Not even in a million years.
rgappgartomboy1 rgappgartomboy1 Apr 05, 2016
Gllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Moment😭😝😭😭😭😭 I miss you Cory
monica00xox monica00xox Mar 31, 2016
It has no paragraphs and no full stops and its a big huge paragraph
Cookies__N_Cream Cookies__N_Cream Dec 27, 2016
I love her. All the books these days have girls who can't even speak towards the bad boys bc how nervous they are. Be strong!! Be sassy!! 😎 be you!!
KristenParks8 KristenParks8 Jul 13, 2016
Great story so far I have not been hating on any one majorly