I Was Assigned To Protect You. Don't Make This Complicated.

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Katie Tarr By xLimewireJunkiex Updated 5 years ago
Hazel was sent to Earth for one reason, and that is Duncan. She was trained for this and can't mess up. She needs to stay detached from everyone, so when the time comes she can take Duncan back to her time zone and protect him further from the horrible King Duex. What she didn't expect was demons coming early and killing both his parents and barely getting to the portal alive. Now that she is back 'home' she is discovering just how messed everything around her is. She needs to fix how Duncan looks at her, keep him safe and stay away from the people she grew up with because they will forever want Duncan dead... but for some reason she can disobey orders of her master and run off with Duncan- but for how long as she stay away?
This is incredible! You are an amazing writeress (a girl writer...that's a joke just so you know :) ) and you really should consider trying to get a story of your published, because I truly think it could easily get published (:
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssssseeeee dont kill him!!!!!!! you weird evil, non smiling beings!!!
heyy.. the last episode has got me shivering xD
                                    that shows your derfinite skills :D
this is incredible..
                                    the charectors are so developed and original.. as is the rest of the story.. absolutely in love <3<3
im confused :/ so, who are amduc and arioch? i no they came from this "other world" or something and they're demons i think .. i no tht they dont usually look tht way, tht they were actually taller with red skin and w.e ... but WHO r they?
Wow... that was probably the longest chapter i have ever read on wattpad!! lol but it was amazingg!! i lovee itt!! :D