Miraculous LadyBug: The Princess Of China #MLWattyAwards

Miraculous LadyBug: The Princess Of China #MLWattyAwards

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Hera Valla H. Haddock By HeraValla_Haddock16 Updated Aug 29, 2018

Meet Marinette Dupain-Cheng👧

You may know her as LadyBug, The superhero of Paris, but there is something she kept as a secret for a long long time...

She's the princess of China

When she was only 5 years old, Her Grandmother died, Which left her Grandfather, The emperor of China, to take care of their Kingdom. She and her parents moved in Paris two months after. 

A lot of years past and Her coronation as Crowned Princess of China will be held in four weeks. Now, Her school won the award of 'Best school in Paris'. As the reward, They will have the chance to travel and learn the culture of China. 

Now that, That happened, What will Marinette do? Time is fleeting fast and she still hasn't told anyone about her- being a Princess. 

What will she do?
What will they think about her when they'll find out? 
What will Alya, Adrien and Nino think? 
And most importantly, How will she maintain being a Princess, a SuperHero and a normal girl who lives in Paris?

Join Marinette as she enter, once again, the world of Royalty. Still learning her traid and meeting allies, But of course, we can not avoid traitors who roamed around the palace. 


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