My Gift - teen wolf fanfic

My Gift - teen wolf fanfic

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*WARNING* Badly written, grammar and so many mistakes, my first ever story written. If you don't like it don't bother. 

My gift killed my parents, i had been moved from London to a place in California called Beacon Hills to live with my Aunt and Cousin.   See the thing is, i don't really know them, the only memories I have of them is from when I was child. 

I never thought my gift could save so many people, until i moved to Beacon Hills and found out my cousin is a werewolf, and his Alpha is the most attractive person i have ever seen, Derek Hale.  Once i found out all about the 'pack' which includes; Derek Hale, Scott McCall, Stiles Stilinski, Allison Argent, Lydia Martin, Jackson Whittemore, Isaac Lahey, Boyd, Erica Reyes. i was invited into the pack, yet they still didn't know about my powers, they thought i was just another normal human being, until we were stuck in Beacon Hills High, with the Kanima which is basically a huge ass lizard, that can paralyses you.  During our time stuck being hunted by the Kanima, my 'gift' is revealed.   As i use my 'gift' to get us out of the school, we escape and everyone asks me questions...    Here's something i didn't know that was going to happen, i am now being hunted by an Alpha Pack which is just a whole werewolf pack with just Alpha's since they found out about me somehow they are now to take me, kill me and use my blood for themselves as my blood contains my powers..   My name is Annabel, I'm nineteen years old, in a pack full of werewolves. My power is i have telekinesis,i have the power to move things if i concentrate hard enough, sometimes it over takes my body and it kills people, this is my story....

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                              *stiles turns around to see Derek*
                              *Derek smirking making a wet sound*
                              Stiles: JESUS YOU ARE HUGE
                              Derek: I know* wet sound gets louder*
Arizona_pickles Arizona_pickles May 03, 2016
reading this for the 3rd time now, this truly is a good book, keep up the good writing!
_ShadowPanda_ _ShadowPanda_ Jul 15, 2016
Get meh sum holy water, u need ta bless them......  _
                                                       /        \
                                                      I.   H    I
Normal_is_Overated Normal_is_Overated Aug 31, 2016
In some books they make Scott an sshole and I'm just like DAAAAAAMMMMNNNN
mikaelsonskol mikaelsonskol Oct 04, 2016