If this was a fairytale [on hold]

If this was a fairytale [on hold]

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Hanna N. By Yukisnow07 Updated Mar 25, 2011

The story starts when Ice Williams a boyish, hot headed, boy hating, girl (or so it seams..) meets Nathan Kheins the cocky, rich, arrogant player of Redwood academic private high school. When Nathan a well known player in town tries to flirt with Ice's best friend Emily, all turns ugly cause the next thing he knows he was on the floor with a bloody nose. The next day Nathan sees Ice in their school grounds she's one of the new students, this was revenged served in a silver plater for him, and then the moment they're eyes meet War was declared between them. 

The story revolves around Ice, Nathan and their friends and all the happenings and disastrous moments that they will get into. Read as you discover their different past, their chosen paths and what will be the end of their story? Cause in the end will this guys have their happy endings or will there be something else stored for them? But it seems that life isn't exactly what it seems cause as they find out each others past, secrets and fall in love with the wrong or right persons lots of things can happened for better or for worse.**

This is a type of story that shows the persons Pov's (point of view) so you can get to know what the character is thinking or plotting.
This story is a in the genre of Romance, tragedy, comedy/humor, with some violence and a mixture of other genre's.

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EmilyPaterson EmilyPaterson Jun 18, 2011
When I look back and fort from this prologue to chapter one I can see the other has much more reads so I guess that you wrote this part after the other chapters then?
Yukisnow07 Yukisnow07 Mar 07, 2011
Note***** guys i want to tell you that i edited chapter two of this story. I think its much more readable now and i hope you check it out cause i added a few details and added bits of new story there :D
Yukisnow07 Yukisnow07 Mar 05, 2011
So guys i want to tell you that i edited this chapter due to my grammar errors and hopefully they're more readable now. i know there are still some(or more) errors that i probably forgot to change, Im truly sorry for those anyway hope you like my story(stories).  :D)))
Yukisnow07 Yukisnow07 Feb 27, 2011
hey everyone, i just want to tell you guys that i have changed the cover of this book and i hope you like it,,,. ^u^
Yukisnow07 Yukisnow07 Feb 26, 2011
thanks so much for the opinions~ i'll try my best to make it better and to right my wrong's ^u^
- - Feb 25, 2011
First off use punctuation, otherwise your writing looks sloppy. I's are capitalized, and dialogue has quotation marks around it.  And never do Me and the gang. It's the gang and I. But the storyline I liked.