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Hakuna Matata By rose-elle Updated Aug 25

Once upon a time,
In land far far away (lol Australia), 
There lived a boy 
And a girl. 

Her name was Eleanor Bridges, 
His was Damien Clarke. 
And, For petty reasons,
This boy called this girl Princess. 

To mock her, 
Annoy her, 
And infuriate her. 

She preferred the more traditional nickname of 'Di*k" to refer to him. 

They met by chance,
Much to both their dismays, 
But after that first glance,
They always seemed to cross pathways. 

He glared at her at first,
She yelled at him to no ends
But when the fire would calm
They accepted each other as -meh- friends

After the many chance meetings
And the many rude greetings
They learnt to tolerate each other
Shocklingly, they didn't mind one another.

Once they were enemies,
Then those feelings began to fade
Only to make their relationship
More confusing by the day. 

Of Course there are other in their lives, 
That kept shattering their laughter,
Because of these other people it seemed impossible
To dream of 'happily ever after'

Once this boy called her Princess
As a joke, A lie,
An insult. 

But as time passed
Slowly, at last, 
He began to belive in Fairy Tales

She slowly saw him as a Prince,

But there is always a witch, 
And the bad guys
Even in the most real of all
Fairy Tales

And there isn't always,
Happily Ever After

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faithtroupe faithtroupe Apr 22, 2016
Why  would you drive that kind of car to school
                              It's like wearing a ball gown to a county fair
sweetlollipopcandy sweetlollipopcandy Jul 06, 2016
Could u imagine living year 666... Like damn... Illuminati confirmed
- - Apr 19, 2016
Me every morning
                              Except the ice part my cat hates me so mum will just throw him on top of me
duckydew duckydew Sep 10, 2016
My school colors were green and white.  "Go Green Wave!"  Nostalgia, for the win...  *le sigh*   ^.^
Sorry_Invalid Sorry_Invalid Aug 15, 2016
Now why would you use those words? Dirty minded club where ya at?
consumedbyfear consumedbyfear Jun 21, 2016
I'm thinking of the movie how to deal "some people fall in love, I crashed into it." Or something like that