Unbreak Me- Editing

Unbreak Me- Editing

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EJ Logan By ejane1 Completed

An impressive Yale degree. Great friends. An even greater boyfriend and a bright future- she thought she had it all. She thought her life was perfect. She should have thought twice.                                                  

Hundreds of lies and a single confrontation changed everything she thought she knew. It crushed her both physically and emotionally and shattered her trust of herself, men and love.     

Broken, scarred and still hurting, all Ari wants to do is get away and take some time to put herself back together again. With the help of her roommate and her new friends, maybe Ari can accomplish stitching her heart up with friendship and polishing it with laughter.       

And maybe, just maybe, with time she can let go of the past, heal her broken heart and unbreak her trust just enough to risk it once more.  

Editing- Also Unbreak Me will only be available as a full novel for another two weeks after that it will only be a sample of the first three chapters, but will be available to purchase as an eBook and print on demand.  Thanks for understanding.                                                       

[***The story you are about to read is intended for mature readers due to its sexual content and language. It may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own discretion.***]

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yoseph_dian yoseph_dian Mar 31
If you said you don't remember, so, why can you said that you don't even hiding in front of his friends?
eva4242 eva4242 May 30, 2017
atleast have the decency to accept the responsibility. dont lay all the blame on becky. it takes 2 to tango
xabida xabida Nov 19, 2017
Ummm, Becca didn’t ruin anything, its all you. Seriously a person can have a 100 people throwing themselves at them, all it takes is one yes from that person to ruin everything
fatcinderelli fatcinderelli Dec 03, 2017
so he couldn't stand feeling lonely for a couple of days more
MySercretsExposed MySercretsExposed Sep 08, 2017
Ok so your so smart then why the F did you think 'unbreak' is a word dumbo
xabida xabida Nov 19, 2017
Again he’s the one who decided to throw away your relationship