The little Hatake (Kakashi's Daughter)

The little Hatake (Kakashi's Daughter)

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『Book 1』Of the 'Shi no Tenshi' series. 

This is the story about The little girl of Kakashi Hatake. Her name is Kogane no Hana Hatake. 

Her father(Kakashi) fell in love with a woman named Yuki, which clan was unknown because she didn't tell him her last name, while he was on a long mission.
One day, He had to leave but without knowing that the woman was pregnant, so he left  and told her that he'd visit time to time.
One day, his love died by illness that he knew would kill her one day, he was very sad but got over it and continued on until SHE came...(And that's his daughter 'course.)

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Caution: I was too lazy doing this book and so it makes like no sense, you could say it's a prologue for the series.

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