Lucy's Secret

Lucy's Secret

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Lucy Heartfilia has been angry at the guild for not paying attention to her its been six mouths sence lisanna came back from the "dead" then 

Lucy leave the guild without telling anyone not even master Makarov. When she leaves she gets tapped on the shoulder she turns around and sees Natsu he tells her she is off the team bow Lucy is really sad and leaves without a word. She goes missing the 5 years later she reappear and everyone is happy. Natsu sees that Lucy has cuts and bruises but doesn't ask and when he walks over to his spot where he was at first when Lucy walk in but he hears a loud "THUD" he turns around to see Lucy is on the floor. 
Lucy hit the floor screaming in pain and then past out

What happen to Lucy in the 5 years. What will her friend say. What is happening to Lucy. 

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