Wild Ones

Wild Ones

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Batteries Not Included By TiffanyNLekanoff Completed

Book 2

Akayla was born breakable. Everything about her had to be protected. But she is tired of it, all she wants to do is have fun. Sure it doesn't help that the Hunters attacked their Alpha's feature mate; who then mated with a Bear for the old ones blessed them so. Then her brother decided to send her off to an all girls boarding school for her own protection. Taking her away from her new Bear friend/love interest.... he just doesn't know it yet.

Two years later she comes back and ready to take what she wants.

Colt is done with relationships. One night stands? No problem. But a dinner with an actual conversation? Hell no. But what is he to do when the girl he thought as a little sister is bow a woman? A woman that has staked her claim on him after a very heated kiss?

TiffanyNLekanoff TiffanyNLekanoff Mar 01, 2016
Future. Sorry haven't been able to go through and edit in  While.
rosemarymarrose rosemarymarrose May 12, 2016
Good chapter.....I fall in love with this book from this very first chapter....good job to u writer...keep it up OK....
ChileW2 ChileW2 Aug 05, 2016
So he's in love with one woman & in lust with another, both of whom married someone else?!  Wth
ChileW2 ChileW2 Aug 05, 2016
Curses & honks *thrown my way.
                              He sounds pretty bad-@ss in his leather outfit & motorbike! :)
MaVaSeijas MaVaSeijas May 12, 2016
Because I've read all natural first i think that danerus has no busyness mating with that Luna, unless that story is from the  future
HeelBabeBri HeelBabeBri Jul 02, 2014
I love the first book and so far I'm loving this book. Can't wait to read more.