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Rejection To Perfection

Rejection To Perfection

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Dezy Ville By dezy9318 Completed

Previously Known as Rejected Female Alpha returns with A new Mate and A Stronger Pack

Fatso... Ugly... Disgrace... Loner... Pathetic... Freak... Weirdo... A joke... Dirt....... Annalisa Silverman is the daughter of the Alpha of Dark Blaze pack, but is treated like a lower ranked wolf by her classmates. Her own brother doesn't like to be seen with her at school, and treats her worst. Was she ever gonna have happy life?
	That question was answered on the day of her birthday. She met her mate and he changed her life. No, this is not a happy meeting of meets mate, they mate, and they live happily ever after. He rejects her for who she is, a fat ugly female reject. Torn by the rejection, Annalisa leaves her pack with only a letter left behind, promising that one day she will return The Most Powerful Female Alpha that anyone as ever seen.
	Continue and read to find out who she is and what she has become. When she returns she is not the same fat, weak little girl anymore. She is now back with a New Mate and Stronger pack, but will she be able to stop the threat towards her father's pack? Will she become their new Alpha? Will she take her ex-mate back, after he rejected her? You will soon find out in "Rejected Female Alpha returns with A New Mate and Stronger Pack."

Shhh, it's okay. People like pork. The vegetarians are the ones you're dealing with, but trust me, I love pork.
Silver_Fate Silver_Fate Jan 22
I thought it said "I went to his safe and took out Hamilton..." This is how u know i'm a dedicated Hamilton (as in the musical) fan
soccergoals soccergoals Feb 10
Without all of the fat people the skinny people wouldn't have standards as to what to refer them self as. So anorexic would be the new skinny and skinny the new fat. So... without fat people you are fat.
Fat shaming is bad....... I am chubby and idgaf u make fun of me IRL I'll lick your ass ask anybody where I lived I kicked 3 peoples asses like 2 times a week
so many dots and really it got more comments than some of the others I'm laughing so hard right now lol
Silver_Fate Silver_Fate Jan 22
Can we be besties? Like seriously, I'm a loner, a dork, everyone seems to avoid me, I'm a bit chubby (not fat) thing like that T-T