True love never dies!

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Eleni10 By Eleni10 Updated 3 years ago
Preparing for GCSE's and moving to America is the hardest thing to do when you fancy a boy for like ... Ages!! Ryan; A typical boy with great looks is torn between two girls. But these girls are not just girls ... Their cousins!! 
    Who will Ryan pick out of the two cousins? Has Ryan been loving the wrong girl just to get the other girls attention? Or was Ryan just too shy to confess his love to the right girl? Will Ryan be able to save the girl of his dreams before she moves to America?
I like the story. Its really cute and cleaver, my only adive would b not to make it clique because with this plot line it could go there really fast. So remember to keep it fresh and origanal :)
This is pretty good! Awesome actually........ A few grammatical mistakes spotted, nothing u can't fix =D
1) I love the descriptions she has of Ryan, 
                                    2) Oh wow I wish I was as bold as she is, I would've just moved to Texas and not let him know
                                    3) I can't wait to see where this is going(:
Wow! I didn't see dat coming!!! Ur stry is so SWEET!! Voted. :)
@Eleni10 hahahhaaha update soon!! im writing a historical fiction called too little too late check it out if you have time as well xD AND UPDATE WOMEN I NEED MORE