Uncontrollable Passion....(To Be Deleted)

Uncontrollable Passion....(To Be Deleted)

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Jannatjia By Jannatjia Updated Mar 02

A story of uncontrollable passion a husband develops for his wife who was  unwanted and unloved by him for  10 years. Experience  the transformation of  feelings of a husband for his wife who dedicated and devoted 10 years of her life towards him.

A story wich portrays a wife's struggle to make her husband love her and a husband  with a very dark past which makes him ruthless. 
 It's a story in which a wife from being unwanted becomes the sole posseser of her husband's heart . Sounds cliche right......You think it's simple?? The answer is absolutely no. 

For starters a wife who used to worship the ground her husband walked  on now does not even want to see his shadow.
She waited patiently for 10 years for her husband to even notice her. When she had so much patience what happened that made her heart devoid of any emotion.  Her heart which used to flutter simply by seeing him , her toes which used to curl just by listening to his voice now feels nothing even when her husband showers her with love. What is that incident that changed their lives forever find out in my story......

Her love was UNCONDITIONAL but his is MORE PASSIONATE ........


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