Locker 1216 // ON HOLD

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little miss grumpy By northless Updated 2 years ago
“Every cloud has a thick sparkling silver lining.”
    Meet Cordelia Cassidy, Frenchdale High’s most popular girl in school. But not like every cliché, she’s not a bitch. In fact, she's far from it.
    People say that Cordelia Cassidy is the kindest and most honest person you’ll ever meet. She wouldn’t do as much as hurt a fly if she had the chance.
    When sophomore year begins, Cordelia is after one thing; staying popular and at the top of the social food chain. But what happens when she’s planted with the schools most unlucky locker? Does she go against her beliefs of bad luck? Or does every cloud really have a thick sparkling silver lining?
    Follow Cordelia as she pulls through her story of fate, luck and God.
@par4dise Well since you say that. Next time I'll give better feedback better I don't like being all lovey dovey LOL
Not fan fiction I mean Teen fiction sorry haha 
                                    I dislike teen and fan fiction
This was well written and very professional. I liked how you took time into describing things. It made it sound very realistic. I didn't come across any mistakes! I enjoyed this chapter a lot!
A great way to bring in a character, as well as having the main character a not so known name. The plot is very original.
Haha, this is pretty interesting. Reminds me of room 13. wonder what's gonna happen next. I like your descriptions and also the way you reveal your main character is nice too. Liking her character already :) g'luck writing more ^^
Nice title!!!
                                    I think her name is really unique :)
                                    Hahah very nice idea, I can't help but wonder what will happen to her ;)
                                    Good job.