The Capo and His Queen (Book 2 In PTMM Series)

The Capo and His Queen (Book 2 In PTMM Series)

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Shania By shania_nia Updated Dec 18, 2018

It's been 15 years since I was kidnapped by the all feared Capo di Capi. 

The Most Ruthless Man Alive.

 Cold-blooded Killer. 

Feared Boss.

Just by hearing his name "Adriano Basilio" there blood runs cold.

But he is The Love of My Life..

Since our victorious win against our fathers our lives have been filled with many, many, many children. For once we were at peace. 

Well as much peace as a Mafia can have. 

But the day comes when everything is questioned....

Even my babies...

What's gonna happen when the Basilio Council in Italy questions Everything and Everyone?

Who will win?.....

*Book 2 of the PTMM Series. Please read Prisoner to Mr. Mafia before you read this. Thank you!*

*This book contains Violence, Sex, Foul Language, etc.*