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The bunny, the fox, and the hunter.

The bunny, the fox, and the hunter.

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kwinith By ClearBlueSky Completed

This is a story about the life of a misunderstood boy who had eyes that could bedazzle and girl, and a knife-sharp tongue he can’t control which gives him the terrible reputation of being a playboy delinquent. Because of that, even the kindest things he does becomes a huge misunderstanding…now, add a class prez who cannot stand playboys or delinquents and her brother, who isn’t the angel he seems to be, and there forms a very odd storyline! btw, this is a oneshot, so its completed :D

ClearBlueSky ClearBlueSky Jul 21, 2011
@StrangePerson007 its familiar cuz i read it in class dummy. altho no one was listening so XD and how the hell do i post more? its a oneshot.all done. altho. i did do a epilouge for the second one. for coco i think
emoemu emoemu Jun 04, 2011
ClearBlueSky ClearBlueSky Jan 29, 2011
@strawberrygurl98 from a mixture of anime and boredom XD btw, this is actually the original version. i hav to edit pretty much all of it when i found out i had to read it out loud to the class D: because no one expects me to write about "luv" and watev at skool sooo...yea.