Dragon Age 2: Tale of the Hawke

Dragon Age 2: Tale of the Hawke

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Julianne Winters By Julianne_Winters Updated Oct 31, 2017

"There's power in stories though. That's all history is. The best stories are the ones that last. Might as well be mine." ~ Varric Tethras
When King Cailan and the Ferelden Wardens are betrayed and defeated at Ostagar, the Hawke family flees their home in Lothering. With the darkspawn closing in, death seems imminent until a Witch of the Wilds comes to their rescue. 
With nowhere else to go, they cross the Waking Sea to Kirkwall seeking refuge from the Blight. But the city is overrun with refugees and is refusing anyone entry to the city. Unable to return to Lothering, Kirah Hawke must indenture herself to get her family into Kirkwall and takes her first step into a future she can't even imagine. 

Canon/Canon Divergent

*Contains Mature content.
*Not all quests will match in-game chronological events.

All rights reserved. 
Copyright 2017. Julianne Winters
Cover design: Julianne Winters

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