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The Ultimate Weapon (Naruto Fanfic)

The Ultimate Weapon (Naruto Fanfic)

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N-chan By N-chan Updated Jan 02

Orochimaru's greatest feat. Also his cruelest. His legendary experiments were said to know no bounds, and this is just an example.  Taken from his mother's arms, a newborn infant is to be the subject for an experiment of Orochimaru. An experiment that lasts for the course of 12 years until the anbu from the leaf take over the hideout. The boy is rescued, but in the end, could it lead to Konoha's demise? 

 *|I do not own Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto does. I do own any characters NOT in the manga or anime, as well as their backstories.|*

Writer-Reader-chan Writer-Reader-chan Feb 07, 2016
Where did his voice go? On vacation? Meeting Oreo? Dancing to the llama song?
Le_Cookie_Jar Le_Cookie_Jar Oct 23, 2016
No, sweetie. They are peasants. I am queen. You are potato. Understand?
Writer-Reader-chan Writer-Reader-chan Feb 07, 2016
                              I just imagine a scene like this:
                              Random Person:"Hi."
                              "Okay... Imma leave now."
Infinitely_Eternal Infinitely_Eternal Mar 31, 2016
Reading this again bc I can't wait for an update, this story is too good! I love ur character development and the plot!
_Hide_Keneki_ _Hide_Keneki_ Jul 25, 2016
It's only the first chapter and I'm Hooked! This is amazing! I love finding male!Reader fab-fictions that are actually good. And this is really good. I think I'll like this one. Good job so far by the way!
Writer-Reader-chan Writer-Reader-chan Feb 07, 2016
Something that hurts you and gives you teary eyes if you do it to much