Sharing Corrie || ✓

Sharing Corrie || ✓

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Hannah By heyhannahj Completed

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when longing is fulfilled, it is a tree of life."
  Corrie Walker never expected to have to abandon her English degree, handsome suitor Edwin McAlister, and bustling life in New York City to return to her hometown in Virginia. However, when the Great War strikes and her younger sister Christina falls deathly ill, Corrie must leave her life behind and go home to care for her. There, she meets her sister's doctor, Alexander Benjamin, and discovers their mutual love of poetry, making her wonder if she even wants to return to her old life. When Christina's condition worsens and Corrie must extend her stay indefinitely, Corrie is forced to decide between her life in New York with Edwin and her future at home with Dr. Benjamin. 
Duty, dreams, or desires. Which shall win in the end?

Historical Fiction || Romance || New Adult

Book One in the Ragtime Girls Series

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hotdogawards hotdogawards Jul 09, 2017
I feel so bad for her! Edwin is the one to be ashamed, not Corrie.
AnanTello1 AnanTello1 Jan 20
I am so eager to start reading this story! Looks like a really good one. Will start reading as soon as I finish work. Thanks for sharing!
solange-annick solange-annick Jun 28, 2017
I really love how you're showing her cynicism about the international situation and how it relates to her
AnanTello1 AnanTello1 Jan 21
You are a truly excellent writer. I find your thoughts flowing very smoothly and I love your descriptions. I also love how you introduced Corrie.
ZonderZorg ZonderZorg Jan 20
Hey, Hannah, if I may. Your 'regarded seems a forced attempt to prevent writing 'looked at', and this lends an artificiality to the passage.
alexan629 alexan629 May 05, 2017
Can't wait to start reading! Yah know, in between my teacher starring daggers at me :P