Mr Bad Boy Saved Me

Mr Bad Boy Saved Me

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Warning ⚠ some chapters contain strong language/sextually contents 

"Stay away from me"I shouted as I backed away from him.

"Come on baby doll your precious Antonio isn't coming"he said and I chuckled bitterly. he didn't know what he got into.

"You are wrong father he is coming and when he learns about what you are attempting to do he will have your head on a stick"I shouted at him spiting a little bit on his face.

"I would like to see how he finds you"he said and I looked him straight in the eye.

"You have made my life a living hell for the past four years for the fun of it but not anymore, I will get revenge for every thing you did"I said and he punched me then grabbed a stick and hit me on the back of my head.

"You are nothing but a bitch and you will never know happiness you fool. You will die by my hands"he said and I spit out the blood from my mouth.

"No father.  mark my words the minute Antonio finds out you tried to rape me he will kill you and I will be there to witness it, your days are numbered for you and your son"I said.
Isabella martin had been bullied and abused for four years, physically and emotionally by her own family and the people who she once called her friends. Isabella always had hope that one day she would escape the inhuman treatment she received almost everyday of her life and never once tried committing suicide. When she was almost losing hope,Antonio Fernandez walked into her life.

Antonio Fernandez was the son of one of the most feared Italian American mafia and Antonio just so happened to be the leader of a dangerous gang called the 'night shadows'. Antonio was what you call the definition of a Greek god, he was a bad ass bad boy who had a lot of secrets to be uncovered. Being a bad boy and being so hot meant that girls chased after him and though he occasionally 'went out' with them,he never seemed to be interested in anyone of them. When he moves to Boston, he met Isabel who became the center of his life.