Just a Teenage Problem ~Robstar~

Just a Teenage Problem ~Robstar~

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A hero is a hero.
A hero never has social problems.
And yet the hero always gets the girl.
But when you're younger, you're more obsessed.
You're obsession can control you.
Causing you to never seem to do something so simple like love another.
What's a teenage problem, becomes a heroic issue.

Trailer is 'Robstar ❤ Glowing' by acityofsnow, I highly recommend her videos.  
 I am not sure who originally drew the art but if you know please let me know so I can credit them!

*Mature Content*   
(Strong language) (Mature Scenes)

tenirockz tenirockz Oct 13
Not a total fan of Robstar cause I kinda imagined another scenario so... but I gotta admit I love the video. It's such a nice song
Hahaahahahha break your fast why is that so funny to me ahaiahahahahahah
GodsAngel15 GodsAngel15 Apr 07
This is a really good book! It's really intriguing. Your a great author even if it has some errors :)
This was one of the best robstar fanfics i have ever read :D
Ikr I read back at story and realize I was spelling like a kindergartener
Dauntless_Blondie Dauntless_Blondie Nov 25, 2015
This is one of my favorite fics ever so thank you for keeping it up ❤️