Having a famous rockstar as your childhood best friend isn't all that great. Carson should know since hers just so happens to be the handsome yet arrogant lead singer of the band, Ever After, named Vincent Gray and if anything, they can't stand each other.
    When Vincent Gray is forced to go back to his old life in Toronto after his parents has had enough with his diva-like attitude, they are hoping that he gets a reality check. Though, Vincent could care less about his attitude-- all he cares about is starting that world tour of his.
    Carson, on the other hand , a once aspiring musician, has her goals set on University. When she gets accepted but fails to gain a scholarship, she fears that she'll live the rest of her life working at the local diner. However, Vincent makes an offer Carson knows she cannot refuse: if Carson, the girl everybody seems to love, pretends to be Vincent's girlfriend for two months, enough for everybody to believe that he has changed, Vincent will then pay for Carson's tuition for University.
    Simple, right?
    They'll both get what they want: Vincent gets his world tour and Carson gets to go to University.
    Well, sometimes our plans don't go according to plan, and sometimes love can happen to two unlikely people during the unlikeliest time.  
    A story about falling in love...
    And going after your dreams.
    Copyright © 2012
    Cover by VidishaJain
nah my name is Ana too and my friends always say that. nah Is not original.
That's my friends last name… she died two years ago
                                    That got depressing fast
did i just read half filipino. Well hello i'm one to✌️ High five
I saw the picture and was like... Jesse. But I was then like how did I come up with Jesse. Then my sister pulls up Hannah Montana on Netflix and decides to play the episode where she chooses between to boys. And sure enough there's Jesse! There's y'all's short story for the day.
Well he called her beautiful, smart and talented... His words not mine
Everybody is like I'm half philpino what about Irish. Irish represent