✦X Reader Oneshots✦ [Requests OPEN]

✦X Reader Oneshots✦ [Requests OPEN]

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Iri-Chan (Iridescent) By Queen-Bloodshed Updated Jul 15

Like the title of this story implies this will be about absolutely any character and you! Otherwise known as X Reader Oneshots! The first chapter(?) is animes and others I have watched or are currently watching. I will constantly be updating the list every time I finish or add a new show. Feel free to make requests otherwise I'll just make up my own. And it doesn't matter whether you request it to be a character X Female/Male reader.   :3

Most one-shots will be over 1,000 words each. Or close to it.

Extra: I even accept when they are not X readers. For example (Anime Character) X (Anime Character). Or just (Character) X (Character). They can even be a crossover (If possible) and I would totally be okay with that. An example, (Anime Character) X (Superhero Character). So anything is worth accepted with making.

Extra Extra: 
Imagines accepted.
Lemons and Smut accepted. 
Omegaverse accepted.
Soulmate AUs accepted. .
Part 2s, accepted if possible.
Threesomes accepted.
Incest accepted.


#125 ~ Reverse Harem
#550 ~ Harem
#74 ~ Reader X Various
#22 ~ Character X Character
#57 ~ Soulmate AU
#68 ~ Zodiacs
#1 ~ Reader X Country
#480 ~ Lemons
#478 ~ Reader X Character
#687 ~ Reader Insert

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PZSkyeNightcorelover PZSkyeNightcorelover May 09, 2017
Hello~! May I request a Zero Kiryu x Reader? I want him to be how he is now and let's make it reincarnated lovers AU.
WritingAFairyTale WritingAFairyTale May 14, 2017
Hey! I hope you are having an amazing day! Can I request a Finn The Human X Ice King? I know it's not technically a X Reader, but I would love to see one!
DecayingStar DecayingStar May 11, 2017
May I request an Alois Trancy X Male (Gay) Reader? I would appreciate one so much! I want Alois and the gay male to be bedmates for the old man. Thank you.
May I request a Prince! Japan x Yokai! Reader? (P.s I saw this in your book.)
A have a request, a Yusuke x Gay!Artist!Rival!reader
                              Pwettty pwease OwO
Hello, I would like you to please have the reader admire the grand and holy body of Goro Akechi