In Your Name

In Your Name

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" I - I love you" The young woman spoke with a louder voice. Her plump lips quivering seeing the man stalk towards her. His hands gripping on to hers and pinning her against the dirty walls of the darken alley.

" You don't love me. You don't even know what love is  Riley. You're still a kid. You don't know what you're talking about " He growled his nostrils flaring as the girl before him tensed. Large tears welling up in her eyes. Making her push his strong arms away. 

" Khalil please stop. You're scaring me" She whispered out, her voice quivering making the man before her take a step forward . A dark glint rolling in his eyes. 

Cupping her face, he pushed her against the wall. His voice harsh. " Do you still love me? Huh? Am I still your fuckıng Prince in shinning armour?" He growled, causing warm tears to roll down her eyes. Her breathing rapid. 

" I'll make you fall in love one day Khalil. You'll see what love truly is. That I promise"

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