A legendary commander: Percy Jackson/ marvels

A legendary commander: Percy Jackson/ marvels

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Over the years they have talked endlessly about a legend among the chaos plant and among the universe as well. He became known as the prince of the chaos plant, hair to the throne. Primordial of loyalty, battle, legends, stars, voice and the four elements. He became a trusty and fair ruling prince. He had made many memories and friends, friends he can trust through his journey. Some memories were tough and some were amazing. Helped his kingdom, his people, and the universe. He has done many legendary things just one person can not be accounted for, well he has lived 400 years in the chaos plante.

But even so, he was not always thought as the worlds greatest. everyone couldn't help but to love him, yes. Well except for the Titans and monsters. Other then that he had an amazing life, or so he thought. He was thought as a boy who could be used for war, who could help at war. A boy who could  become a great leader. A boy who could control water. A great son. A boy that was a great boyfriend and friend. He was known the the lighting thief, and the hero of Olympus. All his amazing life, soon followed with betrayal and a horrible treachery. That amazing life lead to a broken soul. He was known as Percy Jackson. 

Now what will he do when he has to go back? He had already made amens with his demons, but suddenly he has to go back to the place that created them. To add, he sees that one person that has wronged him the most; and receives quit a surprise with her. What will he do? And the with the new threats, he will need the help of heroes. To add,  tables turns as he discovers that the people who he knows he can trust, betray him, and the people he thought he could never trust, he could trust all along. What will he do?

Declaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and marvel characters.

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