Wildest Dreams

Wildest Dreams

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Little Star By Victiny123 Updated Sep 24, 2017

Billdip Pirate AU

A prince and a pirate who's a demon. Never in Dipper's wildest dreams has he ever thought he would go on a pirate ship, let alone stay on one forever. And one captain is determined to keep his Pine Tree safe in his arms, forever.

Also, heads up, in this book, Dipper has a terrible  memory.

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slavetogravity_falls slavetogravity_falls Apr 15, 2017
This is so good!!!!!
                              The chapters also have a really nice length
Luna4542 Luna4542 Apr 12, 2017
So does dipper have the memory problem like Dory in Finding Memo?
Me: honey yes u did....now go win dat a$s
                              Dipper: W H A T
                              Me: in my book as$ = heart..... it’s a weird thing
                              Dipper: *blushes*
                              Bill: *smirks*
Cutie961 Cutie961 Jul 21, 2017
Omg it the Prince is he dressed up and some clothing to cover himself so people don't know he's the prince
Off_Brand_Pringles Off_Brand_Pringles Aug 12, 2017
"Bill..Bill..Bill.." *bursts though window*
                              "BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY!"
                              I'll leave now ;-;
Piano_child02 Piano_child02 Aug 05, 2017
Huh? Who would've thought a bunch of PIRATES don't have manners?
                              Everyone else: no one appreciates the sass 
                              Me: Sorry, I had too