Finding My Lost Self [to be edited]

Finding My Lost Self [to be edited]

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She's sarcastic. She was the girl who never cared what people said. She was far from a romantic; She was Oreo obsessed. 

She used to beat up people in middle school, and still throws her shoes at them in high school. She was weird, a good weird. She was sensitive, but piss her off and you'll be scared.

It was just her and the small, easy life she had. That was until everything had gone down the toilet. That was until her senior year had started..


Monsters are just everywhere,

Only a few people are trustworthy.

Would you be my savior if I'm lost there?

'Cause with all the greed, there's left no mercy.

At some point I'll be so hopeless,

At some point I'll get that feeling,

That feeling when trying's Worthless,

Doors are closed, I'm barely breathing.

I need the light, I need a guide,

I'll do things with all my might,

Smiling is hard, life's not so "cute",

You scream and yet, the screams are mute,

When lies, evil and mistakes take all the love away...

When asked how you feel it's always "I'm Okay,"

All the hope you had, got lost in the darkness,

You're heartbroken, you feel so hopeless...

Crying in the silence is the best you can.

Everything has changed in a blurry time span...

Would I be able to find true Love?

Would I be able to ever again Trust?

Be My Savior, Please Don't Be late... 

Give me true love... I hope you understand.

My name is Samantha Walters, and that's how my story went... But who knows how it would end?


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Honestly if it was I probably would have started crying😭😭
my mom wakes me up a few minutes before my alarm, yells at me, and then the alarm goes off while she's yelling and she yells at me to turn it off
HolaChelsea HolaChelsea Aug 09
These moments for me are rare. I try to savor ever bite of that pizza because I know that the next time I'll get it will be at least a few years from now. 😭
AZNDeymun AZNDeymun May 10
AZNDeymun AZNDeymun May 10
I take ofd my shoe all the time and chase people yelling "Imma Hit You With The Chancla!"
Well change that. Show them that they can't boss you around, that you're the boss. Show them girl power. Don't be those girls I hate, who don't stand up for themselves and let others boss them around