Bound by Blood

Bound by Blood

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L By LerissaB Updated Oct 15, 2018

In a world where Werewolves are superior over the Humans, the twins Aletta and Amada live with the knowledge that their freedom will quickly disappear once they turn nineteen. When reached the age of adulthood, they will both have to take part in the Sphera - a combination of an auction and a drawing of lots - hoping to reduce the population of the Werewolf males without a Soulmate. 

What neither Aletta nor Amada expected, is to stand face-to-face with the dark Alpha King and his dangerous Beta who have laid their claims upon them.

Started on: April, 10th 2017
Published on: July, 31th 2017
Completed on: x

Cover made by: @bbluememory
Translated by: @ElusiveShadow
Originally written in Dutch: Gebonden door Bloed