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Melissa By sasa_lee Completed

Brynn Drake has always wanted to lead an ecstatic life. Freedom and adventure was the forefront of her mind. Unlike other female lycans, she doesn't care to settle down with a male of her specie. But what was meant to be a 'simple' visit to her Uncle becomes a life-changing turn of events as she walks right into the cross-fire of two rivaling packs.

Alpha Cain O'Callaghan has lived for centuries gaining a brutal and vicious reputation for violence and dominance. Either you're with him or you're against him. To his cold surprise Brynn would rather fall in the later and have nothing to do with him. But her independent nature only burns the fire inside him until his beast demands to take her against her will.

Will an innocent and shy beauty be able to tame the specie's strongest and cruelest before he consumes her completely with his dark nature?

He stabbing the shït out her pvssy with them claws 😂😂
Lioness571 Lioness571 May 16
Let me stick a claw up your butt and see if you wanna be my mate, geez 😒
abditive abditive Oct 20, 2016
All these girls be like 'damn daddy' and im here like 'da fuq are you? A tree?!'
PerfectCadence_ PerfectCadence_ Apr 23, 2016
Fudge! His name looks too much Fagin, now every time I read his name I'l think of Oliver Twist
WallabyReads WallabyReads Dec 22, 2016
Bïtch if that underwear was some $50 lingerie from VS I woulda whooped your ass
mnisar311 mnisar311 Oct 11, 2016
None of my comments posted on this book so now there'll just be a bunch of emojis for the first 17 chapters!!!!