My Lovely Nightmare (ouat peter pan)

My Lovely Nightmare (ouat peter pan)

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Hey there By s0medaybelievers Updated Feb 18, 2015

"Peter, truth or dare?"

"Dare" replied Peter smirking.

"I dare you to kidnap a group of kids and bring them here to Neverland" said the lost boy, chants and yells filled the night. Peter was a little nervous but he knew he couldn't chicken out.

"Alright" said Peter not looking the slightest bit affected by the dangerous dare the was just proposed.  

"I didn't finish" said the lost boy quieting the rest down, "you must keep them here, for two months". The lost boy smirked ask chants and yells filled the air once again.

"Alright" said Peter, again, not looking the slightest bit affected.

Peter understood the fact that this was dangerous, but he was up to the challenge. Peter sat up from the log he was sitting on.

"Boys, I will be back soon. Don't do anything too stupid" said Peter Pan before taking off into the night.

Kristie p.o.v :)

  I was awoken by a noise coming from my brothers room. Being the idiotic, curious girl I am, I had to go check it out. I felt a pit in my stomach...

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Fight me pansy fairy boy *grabs his shirt* wow that’s tight😂
emogirl2004 emogirl2004 Mar 06
YOU LOOK, FABULOUS!!!! .... Love the boots, you seem gay, sorry?
Wow instead of them being rappers they are rapists *slow clapping followed by spitting in their face
Crazy_Writer_r5er Crazy_Writer_r5er Aug 18, 2016
Ariel left, Bae left, Wendy left, Emma and the squad left...
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Feb 22, 2017
She literally just left her brothers there to deal with Pan. She doesn't know he'll let them go....
- - Feb 24, 2017
There are two types of girls this and the the ones who wear onesies to bed