The Broken Ones | ✔

The Broken Ones | ✔

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latenightcoffeemugs By latenightcoffeemugs Completed

"Two different people coming together and figuring out that they are not that different is the best kind of love."
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Used to be called : The Nerd and The BadBoy


MrsLrayeC30 MrsLrayeC30 Mar 11
I agree that he does have to have good grades because how else can he stay on the team??...I don't see why people deem jocks as dumb
MrsLrayeC30 MrsLrayeC30 Mar 11
He sound like he can take her to the moon if u knoe what i mean😜
Black is also mainly color I wear like every day I always wear something BLACK
unicorn_2800 unicorn_2800 Oct 26, 2016
Is this the tipical story of a nerd girl and a bad boy? In this case i do not  care it hahaha
iggzi_ iggzi_ Feb 25
Hey girl, look at my mom... (i love u if u know this reference)
MeSarz48 MeSarz48 Dec 25, 2016
Guys I need to know if his book is worth it because it's 60 chapters and I don't wanna waste my time,will there be fighting? What will there be in it?