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I Will Never Give Up! [Naruto Love Story]

I Will Never Give Up! [Naruto Love Story]

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mad puns By keepyourjhinup Updated Oct 23, 2015

-NOT CONTINUED- Hi! My name is Aiko Uchiha Senju, Yes you heard right, I am both, My father was an Uchiha and my mother was an Senju, And how people from these two Clan's got married and owned a kid?  Well that even I do not know myself, My mother is the sister of the Legendary Sannin Tsunade, So she is my Aunt! Which is exactly as you are thinking I am the what? Grandgrand Doughter of the First Hokage named Hashirama Senju, And the other side of my family?  You are just going to think I am lying right? But through my father I have greatgrandfather named Uchiha Madara, I told you, You don't believe me do you? Well of course I have never met them because they were dead before I was born, But I am proud of it! I am proud of being the grandgrand doughter of the two finders of Konohakure No Sato!  And I'll make sure it will never get harmed in any way! But yes, I have the Sharingan but do I have Wood Style from Hashirama? Maybe, If I do it has just not comed to me yet.  Now let's move on.

BlueFoxFlare BlueFoxFlare Jul 10, 2016
courthetalia courthetalia Jul 17, 2015
*in heaven* 
                              Tobirama: Brother she just like you gets depressed easily.
                              Hashirama: I know but when she gets angry it remind me of Madara.
                              Izuna: Brother why must your grandkids give me a easily depressed and anger great grand-nicse.
slender9780 slender9780 May 11, 2015
I thought it said anko like  dafug mind anko was not that freakin young in the show!!!
LunaShadowWolf LunaShadowWolf Feb 09, 2015
I don't know about other people, but I find what she said kinda cute
sillyhatter sillyhatter Jan 27, 2014
yah wooohoooo yes awesome epic cool and other words to describe how cool it is to have this chappy dedicated to me thank you, arigato, thanks